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It’s Your Story Tell It!: Three Cheers for Animals Girl Scout Daisy Journey

This turnkey program encourages Daisies to learn about and help animals in their homes and in the community. We recognize that girls in kindergarten and first grade are very compassionate animal lovers. This program teaches Daisies about animals in their homes and in the community. This program is designed to be easy for the leaders to incorporate into the Daisy year and also be fun and educational for the girls.  This journey focuses on companion animals, which we know are very important to Daisy Girl Scouts. By completing the lessons in this program, your girls will earn their Journey award and other optional patches. To receive the information on the program, contact us here.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards: Are you a scout looking for an idea for a Bronze, Silver or Gold award? We have several projects that are waiting “in the wings” at the Prince William SPCA.  All we need is someone to take charge and get them started.  The Prince William SPCA has funding and resources available. Contact us with our ideas!

The Prince William SPCA partnered with Girl Scout Troop 1917 on building two Little Free Libraries, one at each of the animal shelters. The troop earned their Bronze Award for this project. More details here>

Other Scout Programs: The Prince William SPCA is pleased to sponsor programs that involve scouts who are passionate about companion animals are fantastic role models for other children and young adults.  There are many ways scouts can help by volunteering.  We are also highlighting additional projects that scouts might be interested in below:

Read all about it! The PWSPCA donated a copies of Maggie’s Second Chance to every elementary school in Prince William County, Manassas City and Manassas Park. In this a compelling book, movingly illustrated, the issue of animal abandonment is brought to life. Maggie, a pregnant lab mix, is left behind in an abandoned house. Discovered by the realtor, Maggie is brought to the pound where her puppies are born. When Jeff, a fourth-grader, reads a newspaper story about Maggie’ puppies being adopted while Maggie is not, he learns from his teacher that Maggie will be euthanized if no one adopts her. This knowledge galvanizes Jeff and his classmates to successfully plan and petition their town council to build an animal shelter. Maggie is given her second chance-taken to the new town shelter, where she is eventually adopted. Maggie’s Second Chance is based on the true story of Texas fourth-graders who, with their teacher’s assistance, founded an animal shelter in their town. The final page offers factual comprehensive information on how to help abandoned dogs. Check it out today from any school library!

Can you help? The PWSPCA is looking for individuals and older scouts (boy and girl) to help expand the scope of the current program to include other levels of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Girls: work with us on your Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. Please contact us to discuss options.

The PWSPCA is not affiliated with the Girl or Boy Scouts. However, this program is part of our mission to encourage cooperation among other organizations that share in our overall goals of helping companion animals.